Color Up Your Home with Led Strip and Bar Lights

The modern designers always have special preference on led strip and bar light when they provide the home lighting solutions

You may see led linear lights every where at your home:

Living room

Living rooms is the main place to express host’ tastes.some people like luxury lamp with diamonds, some people like modern led filament lamp, and many people prefer to personalize ceiling lighting in different shapes and motifs with flexible or rigid bar lights, which shows  an atmosphere of elegance.

Kitchen under cabinet

Lighting designers suggest not using spot lamps in kitchen cabinet and drawers , but using led strip lights to avoid the shadow and darkness area, ultra led strip and bar lights are the most ideal choice for kitchen lighting system. You may choose 3-5mm width led strip with tunable white colors


Human beings spend most of the time on beds to enable a health and energy body, bed room lighting is very important, it do effect the quality of sleeping. Led tape lights are the exactly one, you can choose RGB led tape light to get the possible colors according to your status and feelings, like romantic pink for couples,quiet blue and green for children, ember for elder parents


Bathroom is the private space, which express health and love. If it’s always being with warm white colors, most of the led strips are hidden backside of mirrors, drawers, wall corners,even some people use IP65 led light strips around their bathtub,which could change colors and models according to music songs.

Patio & Courtyard

Led light strips are not only for lighting system, but also for decorations. It’s very simple to stick your IP65 led strip lights on your stairs, pedestal seats to get illuminations. On the other hand, you can hang the led ribbons on trees for your Christmas Day, Birthday and other family events and parties. You may buy the led strip light kit from the open market to get your own DIY stages.