How to Calculate The Power of Led Light Strips?

Some people are always wondering how to calculate the power of led strip and tape light before they choose power supply and driver parts, as it’s well known that insufficient power supply will effect the illuminating a lot, even bring irritation flickers, but if it’s over specified, it would be not only costy, but also hard to fit since it’s overpower too much.

Let’s see how to calculate the power exactly now:

First you have to know some basic knowledge of led light strip

  • power consumer per led

generally 0.08mA for smd3528/smd2216 and 0.24mA for smd5050/smd5630 are the typical consideration in practice

  • Length of led tape

Normally, people prefer to 5m or 3m in a reel roll for a lighting kit set

  • Quantities of light-emitting diode in one meter on PCB board

If you have all above information clear, you can calculate the power amperage:

The led tape light length multiply the quantities of leds per meter then multiply the power per led, then divide the voltage of 12v or 24v

NOTICE: there is always extra allow power consumption from the resistance on the flexible PCB board at the same time when your led strips lighting, so we take 110% more on power supply

For example:

You have 12v 5m roll smd5050 60leds per meter light strip

5m x 60led/mx0.24w/led=72w               72w/12v X 110%=6.6Amps

24v 5m roll smd3528 120leds per meter tape light

5mx120leds/mx0.08w/led=48w             48w/24v X110%=2.2Amps

Should you have any related questions, you may go to Copin Lighting engineers for help!