How to choose and buy led strip and tape lights for home interior?

Many people want their home to be as beautiful as hotels with different lighting designs. Flexible Led strip light is the main choice for home lighting system and decoration.

But what you have to know before you buy led tape lights? Here is the guidance for your reference:

First, what the led strip light will be used for? And where you will put? Is it for your kitchen or living room or bathroom?
Led lights can be in white and RGB colors.
white can be warm white (2700k-3000k),neutral white(4000k-4500k), cold white (6000k-6500k), warm white is always used in bedroom, the backlight of TV, some people prefer to tunable white colors for living room, which you can dimming the brightness and color temperatures to get different lighting effects.

Nowadays, people do like RGB led light strips for home interior lightings to get different scenes with smart controlling system. For example, if the put RGB led tape light in living room, they may choose white when they are reading, choosing purple or warm white color when they are watching TV.

Second, how long would you prefer to illuminate? Led tape lights are always in 5m roll, but it’s being with cutting points, which means you may cut and get the exact length, very useful and convenient. The most common intervals of these cutting points are 2.5cm, 5cm and 10cm. For instance, If you purchase LED strip lights with cutting distance of 5cm, while your kitchen cabinet measures 58cm, you may consider illuminated length be 55cm or 60cm.


Third, The outlook of led strip lights are almost the same, but it may be quite different in technical parameters: chips (many brands like Osram, Samsung, Cree for options) , color rendering index ( better above CRI ≥80) , illumination, PCB board quality ect.
Poor quality is always being with heavy light decay, shorter lifespan and it will be more vulnerable under tough conditions where related shocking, dust and moisture.

Hope above will be helpful for people when they have plans on purchasing led strip and tape lights for their home.