Led Tape Light & Vehicles

As time goes by, people prefer to a more personalized life, even when people driving their cars. More and more people choose led strip lights to make their cars more live and interesting.
Led lights strip have become one of the important accessories for car lighting now.

12 voltage led strips would be the best choice. The batteries in cars, including those of diesel automobile batteries runs at 12volt, therefore led strips could be powered by car batteries directly, when the car engine starts, led lights could be powered at the same time. What’s more, those led ribbons are one of the most energy-saving lights, which its power consumption lower and have no much more extra power usage from your tank of fuel or your wallet.

Led strip lights can be applied widely for its extra flexibility, especially the structures of cars are complicated and space limited for all the time. Flexible led strips are exactly able to zigzag into different sizes and shape to compatible with the interior and exterior contours of cars.

Generally, people use led ribbon for car under lighting attached on the chassis. There are white colors in different color temperature for options, like warm white 2700k and neutral white 4000k, cool white 6000k, which could help people recognize the roads clear and lessen the driving risks.
IP65 led light strips is the ideal version for car lighting, since it is being with silicon or PU capsule protection from waters.

Nowadays, led strip lights are not for car lighting system, but also for decorations. People put led tape light on steering wheel,dash board and hub caps to get a running colorful picture to catch the others eye spots or just have feelings, especially led tape light could change colors and speeds according to music songs and rhythm under a smart controlling system.