What are flexible LED strips?

LED flexible lights are an ideal light source for DIY home decoration,lighting system of buildings, parties and events in entertainment, advertisemnt industry. They are being with high quality led source like SMD 5050, SMD 5630,SMD3528 ect,which basically involve chips and lighting area sizes that are used to create variated colors. The popularity of LED lights has been increasing recently, which more and more people use it for different stage events and simply home decoration. LED lights can be in different colors, which lights are even and beautiful.

LED lights are available in both non-water proof and waterproof versions, can be with high density leds, which could be more brighter and no light shadows.LED lights are a great substitute for mercury lamps and other halogen lamps, energy-saving completely. LED lights are not just used for decoration,but also be used for industrial and commercial purposes for all kinds of buildings.

Let’s look at led light advantages and disadvantages now:

Advantages and Disadvantages of flexible LED strips


  1. Efficient:

LED lights are used by many people now due to their lower power consumes. LED lights are approved to have an efficiency of approximately 80%, which means that 80% of the energy is converted into light, whereas only 20% is lost by converting as heats, while traditional lights is 10% efficiency only, it’s almost losen as heating at all.

2.Heat Lessen:

Compared with other traditional lights,LED light emits a lot but they perform better with less heat dissipation, which could prolong its life span.Also the lights are soft and even without harms to human beings even human eyes see the lights directly. When you glare the traditional lamps for a little while, you will feel very tired and even pains on eyeballs. It’s being with less heats out or around the lights itself, which chould reduce the potential risks of fire and even explodes.

  1. Color Changing:

The traditional lights are always being with warm white and white colors, very simple. But Led lights now can be illuminated in different colors, red, green, blue, yellow, pink ect, even people could make it into multi-colors with different changing models, speeds and shapes with smart controlling system.


  1. Price:

LED lights are  more expensive in its cost than traditional lamps. The initial investment is higher but in a long-term consideration, led lights are being with much longer life span, in some degree, it’s more economic. Moreover, they take much less energy as compared to the normal lights and are more efficient than the traditional lights.

  1. Temperature Limitation:

Generally speaking ,the working temperature forLED lights is -20 degree to 45 degree. If theworking ambient temperature is too high, like more than 60 degree, it will effect the lighting a lot, even some of the part will be broken and out of work.

3.Voltage Stable

Led lights are working under low voltage like DC5V,DC12V,DC24V, if the voltage is fluctuated too much, it will effect the led life span. We reconmmend to choose stable like automatic-overload-protection or constant current drivers in applications.

Things to know when buying the lights

  1. Compare the Lumen

Lumen is how you can measure brightness when you are buying the LED strips. You might think what is used for, but nowadays lumen is more commonly used. This will help you compare strips and buy the best one. It mainly depends on what sort of brightness do you need for your projects.

  1. The LED of size and number of LEDs

When buying the LED strips, you should make sure that you are buying according to the foot measurement or the reel measurement. You must know how much of it you need for whatever reason you are buying it. Also, don’t forget to count the number of chips on the reel as this will help you compare the LED strips among led strip light factories.

  1. Product Quality:

Price is not the only important factor when you finally decide to buy  LED lights. The performance of the product and the quality of the raw materials used to. Be sure the product is in longevity and efficiency. Also, do check the color accuracy when you are buying the lights!

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