What is SMD3528 LED strip?

Copin offers numerous types of LED lights that are ready to light up your lives! Among of them, SMD3528 led lights are the most popular version choosen by many lighting designers in decoration and lighting system for residential houses and commercial buildings. In fact, people always choose led DIY light kit set for beds, TV, and furniture decoration in different lighting arts at home, even a lot of young people use such led tape lights for their computers, cars,beautiful nail equipments to get a more fasionable life style

SMD3528 means the led lighting size is 35X28mm,it’s the most popular light source in application, can be in different colors: white,warm white, cold white (2700k, 3000k, 4500k, 6000k, 10000k) red, green, blue, orange, pink, purple,amber even RGB in SMD3528. It’s lighting up your lives, but consume less power.For Example, DC12V 60leds per meter led light strip consume 4.8w only and 80000-100000 hours lifespan

Why should you buy SMD3528 LED strip?

why you should choose Copin SMD3528 LED strip?It has below advantages:

  1. Flexibility & Space Saving:

You don’t need to worry about the flexibility of the LED lights now. Copin also provide  an extra-long led strip light, which could be of maximum 30m light decay. It consumes less power, more energy saving so you won’t need extra more space for bigger drivers  and power supply, so the labour cost is saved a lot at the same time.

  1. Higher Quality:

Quality is the life of Copin. The LED lights from Copin are comformed with European and US standards, samples are available for quality bechmark.Most of the led strip lights are being with CE (European Commission Mark) approvals and ETL/UL listed, the mini quality is 2 years. OEM for US markets are always 5 years guranteed.

  1. Cost Effective:

Copin set up in 2012, specializing in manufacturing all kinds of led strip lights from Shenzhen, it has more stable sub-suppliers with all-  step quality controlled as time goes by, and it has more competitive costs in raw materials fieds.

SMD5050  vs. SMD3528

SMD5050 is some other type of  popular led strip light product in Copin, it’s being with bigger lighting area, a little more expensive. If you are focus on a budget, just go for SMD3528!