SMD 5630 Light Strip is very similar to that of a 60 watt Incandescent Bulb because of the same brightness but better energy consumption. The power supply is installed to the capacitor and the LED light strips consist of 42 elements, which provide the same brightness as of an ordinary bulb. LED light strips have a very simple and sleek design which makes it a whole lot convenient for use in daily life.  The SMD 5630s have become so popular so rapidly due to the extra luminous flux and the optimized combination of power. And because of this, the brightness of these is actual 100% of what a light is expected to give. The SMD 5630 light strips are flexible and can fit to all unreachable corners of your home or office which are necessary to be illuminated.

Advantages of SMD 5630 Light Strip

These do not have any extra parts for fixation, and give a complete brightness with high density light sourcing without any sort of darkness or shadow thus resulting in extra high brightness. They have an organized circuit and cable channel which is visible on the strip, but it still manages to tick the box when it comes to appearance. Their surfaces can be colored to match any themes, from metallic options to bright basics. They have the tendency for high reliability and maximum design flexibility.

Self sticking property & Flexibility

The SDM 5630 light strips are self sticking and have adhesive tape at the back which can be peeled of when in use. It also allows itself to be cut and bent which allows the person to install in any unreachable places giving a smooth and clean finish.

Certified for Use:

The LED light strips are in fact, European Commission Mark improved, meaning that they are able to meet all the safety requirements and standards that are to be applied in the product. This certifies that these strips are free from any hazardous or dangerous substances (e.g. Mercury) and are safe for use.

The main difference between 5630 and 5730, it is a higher light output for the same power consumption. If you want to visually distinguish them, they have a difference in length and are very much different from SMD 3528.

Extra Brightness

The SMD 5630 LED light strips are by far the brightest light strips, and not only because they have a larger surface for lighting. This is because of the result quality of diode emitting the luminous flux that creates a smooth finish. It also has a captivating design to its chip that also handles the right amount of power. If you need the highest possible luminosity, 5630 is the best choice. One of its greatest advantages is concerning to their adaptability. Any project that does not require the full output of the 5630’s, but they can be dimmed down to the required level with dimmers and controlling systerm.