Why Silicon Led Strip Light Is Better Than PVC Neon Rope?

Why silicon extrusion led strip light is better than PVC version? Because silicon one has more advantages:


  1. Silicon rubber raw material is UV light & oxygen &ozone resistance , no color changing as time goes by, but PVC will change yellowish, ideal for commercial outdoor lighting system
  • PVC is being with heavy bad smell, silicon rubber is non-toxic odourless, tasteless
  • Good electrical insulation, good resistance to low concentrations of acids and salts
  1. The modern core-hollow-structure design brings better beam angle, and the capsule silica is separate from electrical led boards, which is more easier for combination and repairs                                                      
  2. High temperature resistance with wide operating temperature (-40 … +100°C), which makes strip lights used for all the fields, including under water applications
  3. Silicon led strips lights are from extrusion process by moulds, easy for required sizes, shapes and colors
  4. it’s also good electrical insulation, elasticity……

Certainly, it’s more expensive.